MidwestHR’s 180 Initiative Volunteer Events for February 2017

For our second event of the year, the 180 Initiative Program at MidwestHR volunteered at SCARCE (School & Community Assistance for Recycling and Composting Education) in Glen Ellyn, IL to recycle broken crayons into new usable crayons.  Our team of 3 peeled, sorted, and melted the broken crayons to create a liquid mixture.  This is then poured into different shaped molds to make Super Crayons which is donated to be used by children with special needs.  MidwestHR enjoyed working together to make these easy to use crayons!

Three MidwestHR employees showing the colorful finished product at SCARCE.

SCARCE is a non-profit company that focuses their efforts on recycling, repurposing, and reusing old books, common school supplies, and other items to give to those in need.  There are many projects at SCARCE including a Book Rescue for collecting gently-used textbooks, a Button Rescue that donates buttons to groups that make button jewelry for Women’s Shelters, a Super Crayon project which remolds broken crayons to be reused, and many other projects to give a helping hand.


MidwestHR employees helping with bathroom renovations at Habitat for Humanity.

Furthermore, our MidwestHR team located in Angola, IN volunteered at a Habitat for Humanity center last Friday too.  They helped with construction projects around a renovated house to make it livable for a family in need.   This project aims to give shelter to as many people as possible worldwide and values the time that volunteers give to help with these projects.


It was great to see SCARCE find ways to reuse old items and repurpose them for education and Habitat for Humanity build houses for those in need.  Our MidwestHR 180 Initiative program is excited that we were able to send two groups to volunteer for our February project.  We look forward to our on-site event for March!

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