Strategic Alliances Program

Grow Your Franchise Without HR Headaches

An important part of running a successful franchise is answering employee questions about HR. It’s hard to stay focused on business goals when you’re addressing benefits questions, figuring out payroll, managing unemployment claims or securing the best workers’ compensation insurance. Juggling all the HR responsibilities can be overwhelming and hurt the growth of your business.

MidwestHR can help
Imagine being able to direct all your employees to a dedicated HR specialist, freeing up countless hours for you. Our Strategic Alliances program is a turnkey solution for franchisors and franchisees. Whether you have a couple employees or hundreds, part-time or full-time, single location or a national chain, we can customize a package to meet your needs.

Associations can benefit as well
Your association can attract new members and retain current members by offering access to a comprehensive HR solution typically not available to businesses on their own. Every member’s business is different and that’s why our program is flexible. We’ll tailor a package of HR services that supports their long-term goals and reinforces the value of your association. Everybody wins.

Franchisees, franchisors and associations will:

  • Save money and improve retention with our negotiated rates on health insurance and voluntary benefits. Learn More
  • Reduce turnover and mitigate HR risks with recruiting, hiring, diversity/harassment training and termination support. Learn More
  • Free up time to focus on revenue generating functions instead of worrying about payroll intricacies and unemployment claims every month. Learn more
  • Protect your employees and your business with the right workers’ compensation insurance. Learn more

Let MidwestHR handle daily HR tasks so you can focus on building your future.

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