First 180 Initiative Event of 2018 for MidwestHR!

Submitted by 180 Initiative Team Member Cathy Evans

MidwestHR’s 180 Initiative program started 2018 off warm and cozy with a little bit of color! The first event of the year was the 2nd Annual fleece tie-blanket event for Advocate Hospice in Lombard, IL. This year we raised our goal from making 9 blankets to 11 blankets. Though it was a busy month for all of the employees, everyone stepped up to help cut and tie all 11 blankets in less than two weeks!

Advocate Hospice is a medical center offering state-of-the-art technology and treatment for those with life threatening health issues, especially cancer.  They offer many resources for not only those who are ill, but also for their family members and caregivers.  Through symptom management, educational services, and counseling, the family members and patients are fully supported by Advocate Hospice.  Charitable gifts and donations allow Advocate Hospice to give their patients the additional comfort that they deserve.  A warm fleece blanket goes a long way and gives the hospital a feeling like home!

The employees here at MidwestHR were very eager to start their year off with an on-site volunteer event. As emails and phone calls would slow down during the day, staff would jump on the opportunity to relax with their coworkers while helping our community.  Though we have fun with events like these, it is the people we are able to help who matter most.  We were thrilled to be able to volunteer for Advocate Hospice again this year.  Check back each month to see what other events are happening with the MidwestHR crew!

Starting in the Professional Employer Organization industry 24 years ago, Char has been involved in almost every aspect of PEO services. In her role as the Managing Director of HR & Benefits at MidwestHR, she oversees all HR compliance and employee benefits in addition to managing retirement plans.