Protect Your Employees, Protect Your Business

MidwestHR secures workers’ compensation insurance through highly rated carriers, either in a master policy format or through an individual policy specifically for your company. Either way, we carefully monitor the always-tight workers’ comp market to ensure you have the most competitive rates and the right coverage for your business.

Expert Claims Administration
No matter how safe your workplace, injuries can occur. When an injury is reported, MidwestHR will document and file the claim and your employee will have access to the Occupational Health Facility Network for comprehensive treatment. Our year-end audit and premium billing administration provides valuable information for policies secured by MidwestHR.

Rapid Renewal
The renewal process doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We’ll research carriers and policies for your industry classification to ensure you pay for the exact coverage needed. Our presentation of options and rates makes your decision easier. From policy purchase through claims resolution, MidwestHR will save you time and money.

Diverse Protection
Every business has unique needs. MidwestHR will make sure your business has the vital coverage needed. We offer a full range of protection including Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) and access to Comprehensive Property & Casualty Insurance.

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