Plan a Secure Financial Future

Today’s top talent is searching for companies that offer a retirement plan. This highly regulated benefit poses huge administrative and financial hurdles for smaller companies. It’s time to level the playing field. You can now offer a 401K with a competitive rate of return without the administrative burden and cost.

Employees Benefit With No Cost to Your Company
We have partnered with top provider Transamerica for our 401K offering. Our long-standing partnership allows us to waive the standard set-up fee and yearly administration costs to client adopters. Through the MidwestHR 401K plan, employees will benefit from the following services:

  • Enrollment meeting with retirement specialists
  • Excellent portfolio of diverse investment options
  • Easy-to-use retirement planning calculators
  • Manage asset allocation online
  • Ongoing local support and guidance

Relief From Fiduciary Responsibility
From tracking contribution limits and establishing payroll deductions to approving hardship requests and processing distributions upon termination, MidwestHR will handle it all. We are the fiduciary for your company’s 401K plan assuming the majority of the administrative tasks and responsibilities.

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