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First 180 Initiative Event of 2018 for MidwestHR!

Submitted by 180 Initiative Team Member Cathy Evans MidwestHR’s 180 Initiative program started 2018 off warm and cozy with a little bit of color! The first event of the year was the 2nd Annual fleece tie-blanket event for Advocate Hospice

Why Do Employers Outsource Payroll and Tax Administration?

Like clockwork, the rush of payroll and tax filing deadlines sweep in. To avoid penalties and fees, due dates cannot be postponed even if it derails other important business initiatives. These kinds of complex, recurring mandatories can really hinder company

Why It’s a Bad Idea for CFOs to Do HR

Beyond balance sheets and income statements, a chief financial officer (CFO) wears many hats. Providing forecasts to help management make good decisions, overseeing compliance issues, and guiding the company’s financial strategies are their core responsibilities. While it might seem like

Break Free from 9-to-5 with Flexible Work Options

Traditional work environments expect employees to work roughly the same hours every day. This strict policy doesn’t accommodate other important obligations in a person’s life. But, companies can support professional development and personal fulfillment with a creative approach to work

Help Employees Decrease Stress at Work

No company is immune: stress naturally occurs in the workplace. Juggling project deadlines, managing personalities and constant interruptions can cause anxiety, harm morale and reduce productivity. Companies do what they can to help during stressful periods by offering snacks, catered