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The Importance of Voluntary Benefits

The trend of high deductible health plans (HDHPs) continues. Employers looking for ways to save on health care costs or to keep premiums low have opted for HDHPs. This leaves a stressful gap for employees facing a medical emergency and

What Is Employee Benefits Outsourcing?

Growing companies have a lot to juggle: satisfying customer demand, ramping up production, hiring and training staff, and remaining compliant in an increasingly complex regulatory environment. It’s hard to manage, especially when you’re enjoying steady growth. Instead of building and

Do Companies Need to Pay Summer Interns?

With the end of school approaching, companies wanting to hire a summer intern should develop a plan. According to the Department of Labor (DOL), interns must be paid minimum wage and overtime unless they meet ALL six criteria to be

Do Companies Lose Control With A PEO?

What is a growing company’s top priority? More growth! Continual HR requests and issues can distract leadership from that primary focus. Professional employer organizations (PEOs) are HR experts that can manage that part of a business. When a company contracts

Stay Compliant When Hiring Out-of-State Employees

In today’s tech-connected work environment, there are a growing number of businesses using out of state employees. A valued employee no longer needs to be in the office for a successful partnership. Each state has its own rules on how