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Stay Compliant When Hiring Out-of-State Employees

In today’s tech-connected work environment, there are a growing number of businesses using out of state employees. A valued employee no longer needs to be in the office for a successful partnership. Each state has its own rules on how

Rethink the Role of Voluntary Employee Benefits

Growing companies want to attract and retain top talent. Beyond health insurance, employees are interested in comprehensive benefits including 401K with a match program, dental, vision, flexible spending accounts, disability and life insurance, and more. With the growing millennial workforce,

Don’t Pay Twice When Switching PEOs

Your company partnered with a PEO and almost everything is great.  Employees have stronger and more affordable employee benefits, HR issues are handled correctly, and leadership can focus on the company’s core competencies.  However, due to the timing of the

What is HR Outsourcing?

Every company deals with daily HR responsibilities. From hiring and firing to management of benefits and payroll taxes, human resources is an integral part of every business. As companies grow, however, so does the time to manage these responsibilities. Instead

CPEO Launch – Big News for Small Businesses in Illinois

There’s an important development for businesses currently outsourcing their HR with a professional employer organization (PEO) or for any company considering that option. The IRS has developed a voluntary certification program for PEOs. In order to be certified as a CPEO (Certified