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Get the Most Value from Your HR Outsourcing Company

With new workforce demands and rapidly advancing technology, HR outsourcing services are evolving. Companies that partner with a PEO or CPEO might not realize everything that’s offered. At MidwestHR, we’re constantly investing time and money to best support our clients.

It Pays for Businesses to Contest Unemployment Claims

If you receive an unemployment claim from an employee who was fired, what should you do? Each unemployment case is unique and there are many variables that can impact their eligibility. Employees that commit “misconduct” or “voluntary quit” may be

Unexpected Competitive Advantage: Mentoring

There’s growing interest in companies that offer mentoring programs as a perk. Every generation has unique needs and the new workforce’s interest in regular feedback is shaping employer offerings. Unlike training programs or paid courses, mentoring leverages the expertise of

Importance of a Successful New Hire Experience

Imagine an eager new hire ready to contribute on their first day. It’s critical to harness that positive energy from the word: GO! Onboarding doesn’t end once all the paperwork is completed, it’s just beginning. Human resources should develop a

Advantages of a Certified Professional Employer Organization

Not all PEOs are created equal! On June 1, 2017, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced that MidwestHR has qualified for and has been listed as one of the first Certified Professional Employer Organizations (CPEOs) in the country. What does