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CPEO Launch – Big News for Small Businesses in Illinois

There’s an important development for businesses currently outsourcing their HR with a professional employer organization (PEO) or for any company considering that option. The IRS has developed a voluntary certification program for PEOs. In order to be certified as a CPEO (Certified

Easy Checklist for a Basic Employee Handbook

An employee handbook is an invaluable tool for employers. It helps to define corporate culture, foster a sense of belonging, outline company policies and protect against liability. The reality, however, is many small to medium size businesses don’t have the

Issues to Avoid When Outsourcing Payroll

Small businesses need to focus on revenue generating functions. Unfortunately daily requirements get in the way. As business grows, the time needed to manage payroll increases. When deciding to outsource payroll with a PEO (professional employer organization), ask specific questions

Pitfalls for Multi-State Employers to Avoid

“Business is booming!” It’s a dream come true for small businesses. With growth, there can be growing pains. Hiring new employees in other states, opening new locations, expanding distribution channels – these are just the beginning. While ramping up to

What Does Your Company Need: PEO or Health Insurance Broker?

With a handful of employees, small companies tend to manage human resources in-house. New legislation, however, is making that harder to do. With the Affordable Care Act (ACA), FLSA overtime regulations and state specific mandates like the Illinois Secure Choice