Help Employees Decrease Stress at Work

No company is immune: stress naturally occurs in the workplace. Juggling project deadlines, managing personalities and constant interruptions can cause anxiety, harm morale and reduce productivity. Companies do what they can to help during stressful periods by offering snacks, catered lunches and even game rooms. With open office environments, however, noise becomes an additional consideration. Companies need diverse stress reduction strategies to boost productivity and job satisfaction.

One size doesn’t fit all

Every employee is unique in how they approach work and coworkers. People develop their own coping tools. Employees may prefer a quiet escape rather than a rambunctious game room, after a morning of stressful deadlines. Research has shown that nature views make workers less frustrated, more patient and more productive. While you can’t change a building’s view, there are other alternatives:

  • Yoga room and classes
  • Outdoor spaces
  • Meditation rooms
  • Nap room

Commitment to health

It’s easy to reach for caffeine, sugar or greasy treats when stressed. Caffeine helps jump start energy, but it can also cause anxiety. Excessive sweets usually end with fighting a sugar crash. Get rid of the well-intended donuts, candy, sodas, and fast food because they exacerbate the problem. Help support sustained energy with healthy food and drink options that won’t cause harm later.

Insulate concentration

Between meetings, emails and phone calls, it’s nearly impossible to focus on one project. Consider scheduling unplugged time every week for employees to silence all digital devices and block out time. Progress can be a huge stress reliever.

Open door policy

Encourage employees to talk with their supervisor or other designated leaders. This access can help clear up any uncertainty or frustrations and answer questions. Self-doubt causes a lot of stress, so connecting with someone can point employees in the right direction and snap them out of a negative mindset.

Develop tactics that appeal to diverse personalities. The goal is to create an environment that maximizes employee innovation. Google collects data on every workplace change to see how it impacts employee engagement and retention. They even have a guy who’s in charge of creating the perfect workspace. You don’t have to be Google to develop an environment that is attuned to your employees. The HR experts at MidwestHR, a certified professional employer organization, are ready to help you develop a workplace strategy that maximizes your talent. Give us a call to find the right mix for your workplace.

Starting in the Professional Employer Organization industry 24 years ago, Char has been involved in almost every aspect of PEO services. In her role as the Managing Director of HR & Benefits at MidwestHR, she oversees all HR compliance and employee benefits in addition to managing retirement plans.