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Break Away From Annual Performance Reviews

Dreaded by employees and managers alike, annual performance reviews are shifting in favor of continuous feedback. Many employees don’t want to wait a full year to know how they’re doing. Accustomed to instant reactions from social media, millennials are challenging

Cost of HR Outsourcing – More Affordable Than You Think

Daily HR demands for small business owners can consume up to 40 percent of the day. This is time that could be spent on revenue-generating functions. Many companies don’t realize how affordable it is to outsource HR to a professional

CPEO: New Droid or HR Peace of Mind?

With a constant influx of new acronyms, it’s hard to keep up. Especially if you’re a business owner juggling many business roles. While it may sound like a droid, CPEOs are certified professional employer organizations that help small to mid-sized

How Small Employers Can Reap Large Tax Credits

As your company crafts its workplace culture by funding various benefits and defining workplace policies, there’s potential to save money. That’s because small businesses can benefit from federal tax credits. The goodwill created by paying for a portion of an

Offer the Benefits Your Employees Really Want

Companies work hard to create a benefits package valued by employees. Salary will always be a top priority, but that’s not the only driver. You may think you know what benefits your employees want, but have you asked? Tailoring your